First Scrum China Gathering

This is the first Scrum gathering in China. It provides a very good opportunity for practitioners to gather and discuss on different issues with Scrum implementation. As with what I have mentioned at InfoQ. Most of the issues are rather elementary. Here's some questions I heard in the gathering:How to encourage the team to speak up?What happens if the Product Owner said everything is important?How...

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Risk Management for Agile Projects

This is the second article I translated for InfoQ.com. It is a challenging one because risk management itself is a very broad topic, and honestly I am not very good at it. Thus, I spend quite some time reading different articles, from the traditional to agile communities before I translated this article.The very first thing about risk management is to understand what risk is. It is a very common m...

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Barcamp 2008

(A great photo from Belle)A photo worth a thousand words. With such a big crowd, it's enjoyable to meet new people and catch up with familiar faces. Compared to the Barcamp 2007, this is more spacious and has better ventilation. With more time per session, speakers can cover their topic better (although it seems never enough).There are three interesting topics I am impressed:1) TCP window problems...

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