Here comes QCon Beijing 2009!

QCon finally arrives Beijing and Tokyo! QCon Beijing will be held on 7-Apr-2009 to 9-Apr-2009. For those who are not familiar with QCon. QCon Enterprise Software Development Conference is organised by InfoQ and designed with the technical depth and enterprise focus of interest to technical team leads, architects, and project managers.The conference will be organised in 6 tracks:

  • Enterprise Java Development
  • Agile - On the way
  • Cloud Computing - The next generation architecture
  • Case Study - Case study of website architecture
  • Architecture - Designing good architecture
  • Rich Internet Applications - RIA 
Most of the speakers have been confirmed:
  • Rod Johnson —— Creater of Spring
  • Martin Fowler —— Loud Mouth on Object Design
  • Randy Shoup —— Distinguished Architect in the eBay Marketplace Architecture group
  • Jeff Bar—— Lead Web Services Evangelist at Amazon.com
  • Dylan Shiemann —— Dojo toolkit co-founder and committer
  • Henrik Kniberg —— Author of <Scrum and XP from the Trenches>
  • Floyd Marinescu ——Co-founder & Chief Editor of InfoQ.com
  • 毛新生—— IBM中国开发中心Web 2.0首席架构师
  • 李伟 —— 西门子中国研究院软件与工程中心首席系统架构咨询顾问
  • 周爱民 —— 《大道至简》和JS语言精粹等图书作者,盛大前高级架构师
  • 高焕堂 —— 台湾软件架构设计大师,“台湾OO技术教父级代表人物”
  • 洪强宁 —— 豆瓣网 (Douban) 技术总监
  • 程立 —— 支付宝 (Alipay) 首席架构师
  • 周代兵 —— 华为软件公司 (Huawei) 软件工程部总监
  • 于晶纯 —— Freewheel创始人/CTO,DoubleClick前工程部副总裁
  • 邵荣 —— 群硕软件 (Augmentum) 的资深技术总监
  • 林昊 —— OSGi China User Group负责人,淘宝网 (Taobao)平台架构师
  • Steven Mak (that's me!) —— Agile Coach at Odd-e,Editor of the Agile community at InfoQ China
(As the original content comes with Chinese version only, I don't have the English information available for some of the speakers. Company names in English are added for some of them above)

The venue is located in Tsinghua Science Park. Early bird ticket price (before 15-Mar) will be RMB2100, saving 700RMB. You can register at the QCon Beijing website.

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