QCon Beijing 2009 and Agile Hong Kong event

QCon Beijing 2009 finished. I also did the presentation at Agile Hong Kong event. Both of them are really nice gatherings.

QCon Beijing 2009 is a huge success. They managed to attract many people from China to attend the event. I was luckily invited to be one of their speaker. It's very nervous for me as this is the first time I present in Mandarin in such a big and open event.

Can I do better in the presentation? Of course!

  • I believe I would better present in English. Among the suggestions I received, the best one is "Speaking English and add some Mandarin in certain point of the presentation". This gave surprise elements for those who thought I don't really speak Mandarin.
  • Better Mandarin on the technical terms. I believe my Mandarin conversations is rather fluent. But when it comes to technical terms, I usually need to speak in English, or I shall stick to this? :)
  • Content of presentation, understand the audience is the hard part. With such a big event, people have varing degree of understanding of Agile. To my surprise, some feedback said the topic is too simple. I believe I could add more advanced topics in the presentation, while I thought there would be others complaining that is too difficult.
  • Practical sessions - this is the best feedback I recieved! I can see two potential practical ideas:
    • Looking at the source code and see how actually it works
    • Do a demo and run thru the process
Any recommendation for QCon Beijing? Certainly, I believe meals can be better arranged. Also it is too bad that the package only include two days in the hotel while theis is a three day event!

Back in Agile Hong Kong, the presentation was a lot smoother :) at least this is the second time I presented the topic and I was presenting in English. This is a rather small and close group. There is more interaction. Again, I was asked to go thru the more technical details on Robot and FIT. I believe it would be better if I prepared better on this, except I got sick just before the day.

For those who missed my presentation, here you go :)

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