Barcamp 2008

barcamp Hong Kong 2008

(A great photo from Belle)

A photo worth a thousand words. With such a big crowd, it's enjoyable to meet new people and catch up with familiar faces.

Compared to the Barcamp 2007, this is more spacious and has better ventilation. With more time per session, speakers can cover their topic better (although it seems never enough).

There are three interesting topics I am impressed:

1) TCP window problems. (sorry I don't have links yet)

Presented by Yusuf Goolamabbas. It's short but sweet. There wasn't many people in this session as I expected for such a highly technical topic. However the speaker managed to speak on interesting issues about TCP window sizing problems. I sincerely look forward to any updates from him on his latency modeler.

2) Augmented Reality, by Ben Lau

The "Quake" and "Kung Fu" demo is particularly interesting. Besides the interesting demo, the cool thing is the way to interact with the system. I am always interested in human computer interaction. Opportunities are still open in this area.

Also, the interface has more human elements on it. This introduces challenges in testing, especially automated testing, or manual testing needs to be done.

3) Agile, by Conrad and Jenny from ThoughtWorks

This is a gentle introduction of Agile methodologies. I know that they prepare this in a very short time. They manage to do a good job in introducing the concept. The talk is yet fundamental but still encountered some questions:

- Conflicting requirements

Besides the more formal sessions I learned something new. The interesting part is always chatting with different people, knowing different things around our community.

Look forward to seeing Barcamp 2009!

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