First Scrum China Gathering

This is the first Scrum gathering in China. It provides a very good opportunity for practitioners to gather and discuss on different issues with Scrum implementation.

As with what I have mentioned at InfoQ. Most of the issues are rather elementary. Here's some questions I heard in the gathering:

  • How to encourage the team to speak up?
  • What happens if the Product Owner said everything is important?
  • How to manage a team of part time workers?
  • Leadership for Agile
  • How to implement Scrum?
  • How to make an Agile contract?
I knew that there are people criticised on questions and topics raised by certain participants for being not in depth enough, or some didn't even make much sense.

However, I always enjoy Ken Schwaber's saying of "Scrum works with Idiots too". Let's recall that quote:

"Scrum works with idiots.  You can take a group of idiots, that maybe didn’t even go to school, don’t understand computer science, don’t understand software engineering techniques, hate each other, don’t understand the business domains, have lousy engineering tools and uniformly, they will produce “crap” every increment.  This is good!"

Certainly I don't want to imply those who asked questions which didn't make much sense are idiots. But it's good since this revealed the current situation of the profession. And I believe, with such collaboration events, people can easily exchange ideas and get better insights from the more experienced people in the event. So I believe the event should be good for them too.

Although it seems the participants did not have much idea about Scrum, I think it is the same for everything gaining adoption in any place. There would always be a stage where some people are still picking up and having difficulties understanding the concepts behind.

So, don't worry, and hope to see you in Scrum China Gathering in 2009!

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